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Roasted Corn {Easy to shuck with NO SILK remaining!}

20130528-111612.jpgWith summer sneaking up on us, there are bound to be many corn on the cob eating sessions to ensue. I love eating corn on the cob. I love the taste and the crispness of fresh sweet corn. There’s nothing quite like it. You see, I grew up in central Illinois. I don’t know if the rest of the world looks at that particular area as a major corn distributor, but where I grew up we were surrounded by corn festivals and enjoyed the fruits of the many local corn farmers.

One thing that I can look back and say that I did not enjoy was shucking corn. Oh, those pesky silk fibers…it made such a mess too! I saw not too long ago a video with someone demonstrating their secret in how to shuck corn with no silk fibers left behind. The only downside for me was that they first microwaved their whole ears of corn for 4 minutes per ear. That is fine, I suppose, if you aren’t wanting to cook a large amount of ears at once. I wasn’t about to microwave a couple dozen ears of corn today though. Besides, there is just something about roasting vegetables that adds a depth to the flavor as well. So, I figured I would pop all of the ears in the oven at once and try the video method after the roasting was done.

So, today’s post is my experiment in trying this method out. The instructions are as follows:

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.

Place ears of corn directly on oven racks to roast for 30-45 minutes. {I cooked the corn today for about 30 minutes because I wanted to freeze it for later use and didn’t want it to be overcooked in the re-heating process. I think though, that the longer cooking time may result in easier husk removal…}



Make sure to use hot pads to remove corn from oven, because they are hot!



I let the ears cool off for just a couple of minutes. After they have cooled off to your liking, grab an ear and cut a little bit above the base where the corn was cut from the stalk {not the top where the silk sticks out}.



Pick up ear of corn from the top {where the silk would stick out} and apply firm pressure and squeeze and push down so the ear of corn inside starts to slip out of the bottom where it was cut off.



It should slip out pretty easily and free from silk. There were just a few ears that had a few stray silk strands, but it wasn’t hard at all to pick those off. There were some ears that were a little stubborn and not wanting to slip out of their home very well. What I did with those was just peel the layers from the outside down a little bit {kind of like how you would peel a banana} so I could hold and pull on one side of the ear of corn, while pushing it out with the other hand. This is where I thought the longer cooking time would have been beneficial in helping them slip out a little easier.



Wa-lah! Silk free, wonderful cooked corn on the cob! And it didn’t take long to get from this…


To this…20130528-111612.jpg

And the mess? Easily just place the husks after removal in a bag or bowl to toss in a compost pile after you are done!


Eat the corn while hot or place in gallon sized freezer bags to save for a later day! Enjoy! -Shelley.


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