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Caramel Pecan Dark Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream {Dairy Free}

20130612-163055.jpgContinuing on with my summer-loving series of different homemade ice creams, I bring to you today a Caramel Pecan Dark Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream. One of my favorite ice cream flavors when visiting an ice cream or custard shop is a turtle sunday. The combination of pecans, chocolate and caramel just does something for me…it’s so, so good. I am sure it annoys my husband when I want to venture out and try something new, but always end up ordering a version of the same old thing…a turtle sunday! So, today’s post is indicative of my love of turtles and turtle ice cream.

This is a dairy free ice cream as well, using full-fat canned coconut milk as my base. I figure if I am going to make ice cream, I may as well make it so everyone in my family can enjoy it {with 2 individuals either allergic or intolerant to milk}. You can easily make any of the dairy-free ice cream recipes that I post dairy-filled by simply substituting heavy cream and milk {2 parts heavy cream to 1 part milk – or if you would like it even richer use all heavy cream} in replacement of the coconut milk or coconut cream. I came across the original recipe that I adapted this from at www.kitchensimplicity.com. When I read the original post I simply decided that I had to make this ice cream right away and I knew that it would be my next post in this ice cream series! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did! -Shelley.

Caramel Pecan Dark Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream

Component #1 – Dark Chocolate Sauce
*I would make this first to allow to cool before assembling with the caramel-pecan ice cream

1/3 c powdered sugar
1/3 c dairy free dark chocolate, cut into chips
1/4 c coconut oil
3/4 c coconut milk {or about 1/2 of a can}

If needed, chop dark chocolate into small pieces.


Place all ingredients in a small saucepan and over medium heat and bring to a boil.


Simmer for 7 minutes, until slightly thickened. Transfer to another container to cool off *Note: It will thicken more as it cools off.




Cool completely, making sure to whisk occasionally to prevent a skin from forming on the surface and then chill in refrigerator. If you wanted to make the sauce ahead of time, make a day ahead and place in refrigerator with plastic wrap directly on top of the sauce so a film doesn’t cover the surface.


Component #2 – Caramel Pecan Ice Cream
2 cans coconut milk {full-fat}, chilled
1 c brown sugar
1/2 t sea salt
1 t vanilla
1 – 1 1/2 c toasted pecans, chopped

Ice cream maker – follow directions for your specific brand.
*I also needed ice and rock salt

In a large bowl combine chilled coconut milk {make sure to scrape off all of that lovely coconut cream off of the lid of the can of coconut milk…no wasting the good stuff!}, brown sugar, salt and vanilla. Whisk until well combined.




Transfer mixture to ice cream maker {following the directions for your specific maker} and churn until ice cream is desired consistency.


Add chopped pecans and churn until completely combined. I would start with a cup and add a little more after it is initially mixed in if you feel like being it being a little nuttier.


To Assemble
1 recipe caramel pecan ice cream {listed above}
1/2 c chocolate sauce {listed above}, chilled

When the ice cream is done churning, spoon ice cream into a freezer safe storage container, alternating layers with spoonfuls of dark chocolate sauce. Once assembled, if desired, use a knife to make a “swirl” motion.




Place in the freezer for several hours to firm up.


Serve and eat up. Be warned…this is very rich! You will most likely want to share to avoid eating more than you should…


3 of my kids came in at this point in the process and realized what I was doing. They also realized that the ice cream was starting to melt…oh no!


I had this spoon. They grabbed 3 more and I can assure you this bowl didn’t stand a chance and was gone in no time! Enjoy!


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