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No-Knead Crusty Whole Wheat Bread {with an overnight rise}

20130628-110423.jpgToday’s post was inspired by a friend who posted a recipe on Facebook for no-knead bread that has a slow rise overnight. The ingredients in that recipe? All-purpose flour, salt, yeast and water. I thought I could make it a little healthier and more tasty {although I didn’t try that recipe, I am sure it tasted just fine}. I haven’t been making bread lately because of the heat, and how long of a process it is. Those two factors alone tempted me to try out my own version of the no-knead bread because I have been missing having fresh bread to eat! The reason why I am writing this post as well is because it was so easy and hassle free! The longest part was waiting for the oven to heat up – well, besides the overnight rising…but that part didn’t require anything from me besides sleeping so it doesn’t count. If you have ever been intimidated by bread baking I suggest that you try this recipe out as a starting point…I am glad I did! Enjoy! -Shelley.

No-Knead Crusty Whole Wheat Bread {with an overnight rise}
*makes 2 round loaves

6 c whole white wheat flour
3 T vital wheat gluten {optional – I like to use it for a chewier whole wheat loaf}
1 t yeast
1 T salt
1/3 c sugar
1/3 c oil
3 c water
*Flour for dusting the counter to shape the loaves
*Dutch oven or a baking stone with a stainless steel bowl to cover the loaf as it bakes

In a large mixing bowl whisk together whole white wheat flour, vital wheat gluten, yeast, salt and sugar. Add oil and water and mix well until a shaggy dough forms. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and leave sitting on counter overnight for a slow rise.

When you get up in the morning and want to bake the bread, place Dutch oven or baking stone on a middle rack in oven and pre-heat to 450 degrees.



As the oven is heating up, heavily dust flour on a clean counter and transfer dough to floured surface. Cut into 2 equal pieces and shape dough into round loaves, adding flour and lightly kneading dough as necessary to keep dough from sticking to hands. Cover with clear plastic wrap and allow round loaves to rest and rise for 30 minutes after the oven has heated up.

After 30 minutes of rising carefully transfer dough round to the hot {be careful!} Dutch oven or baking stone and cover with lid or stainless steel bowl if using the stone. Bake for 30 minutes. After baking for 30 minutes, take lid off of the Dutch oven {or stainless steel bowl off of baking stone} and bake for an additional 5-15 minutes, if necessary. *Note: I probably could have taken the Dutch oven loaf out after the 30 minutes because it was very crusty and brown at that point. You be the judge of how dark/crusty your loaf looks and what you like.

Take baked bread out of oven and allow to cool just a bit, if you can resist for that long…I couldn’t! Enjoy!


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